• “We chose FS because they are FinTech specialists, were connected with other consultancies we work with and trust, and because they work with customers of ours.”

    Creating a brand animation that helped Comply Advantage’s audience understand its proposition.

  • Will Thompson needed to put Comply Advantage’s proposition in motion

    The aim for this project was to produce an animation outlining Comply’s vision for its products. Will wanted to create hype and excitement around the direction of their product portfolio. More specifically, the animation needed to entertain and inform an audience at their annual customer conference and an internal event.


    And we needed to achieve this all in a one-month-tight-timeframe.

  • We got to the heart of their core message and collaborated on a daily basis

    As with all projects, this one started with a briefing, outlining the content of the video, Comply’s brand style and how the review and development process would work. We pushed Will out of his comfort zone with different ideas. As we only had a month to complete the project from start to finish, we worked together, iterating on the script multiple times to ensure it really captured the essence of Comply’s core message.


    With the brand style and messaging agreed upon, next was building visuals that matched both the identity and the words. Picking the voiceover artist was also a collaborative effort. Every 24 hours we reviewed the videos and iterated on the final product

  • So Will could better showcase Comply Advantage at an annual conference

    Even though the video was completed in one month, it met with resounding positivity during Comply’s annual conference and internal reveal. It appealed to a wide range of internal/external stakeholders and elevated the creativity of the brand.

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