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    Welcome to our home for useful resources, be they videos or guides. Everything you find here was created with Fintech marketing managers in mind. Take a look, a watch or a read - everything you digest will take you one step closer to creating less boring and more impactful fintech content.

  • Handbooks & Guides

    Here you'll find a selection of long-form handbooks and guides written to help you with strategy where videos and animations are concerned. We regularly update and maintain these pieces, so you're more likely to see word-count increases over content influxes.

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    Measuring the ROI of your video marketing

    Sick of the spray-pray-and-hope technique? Want to know what value you’re getting from a video? Measuring your return on investment from video marketing takes some groundwork and educated guesswork - we’re going to look at some basic metrics, before letting you in on a more complex framework for measuring ROI.

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    How you can increase video engagement

    Hey fintechs. Shorter is better. You heard it here first. But other than the length of your video, what else can you do to increase engagement? Subject-matter quality aside - we’ve put together some hints and tips on how to increase engagement on your videos (beyond making them shorter).


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    How to create better product content

    Releasing a new product? Need your first product explaining? Want to reach a wider audience through animated video? This guidebook was written for you (so long as you’re a fintech). Product animations can be some of the most lucrative video investments as they help at multiple stages of the funnel.

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    Bring your brand to life with animation

    Going through a rebrand? Updating your brand assets? No idea whether you should consider animation for your brand? This guidebook was written for you (so long as you’re a fintech). We’ve seen design and animation have an incredible impact on fintech brands, like yours.

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    Why Choose Animated Explainer Videos?

    Why would you choose to animate your fintech? Why not have a live explainer video or brand video that showcases your people? Well... 67% of Fintechs we polled agreed that animated explainer videos are more engaging than their live-action counterparts. Hey, we're not lying! And we've produced both so we're not biased either.

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    How to A/B test your video's impact

    Setting up an A/B test on your website is a great way to start unpicking the return on investment from your video marketing efforts. It’s simple to do (in most cases), and at most will require a little of your website developer’s input. This guide assumes you’re using Google tools like Analytics and Chrome.

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