• 67% of Fintechs polled agree that animated explainer videos are more engaging

    Why would you choose to animate your fintech? Why not have a live explainer video or brand video that showcases your people? Well of course you can do those things, that’s what most businesses in your position would do. But we know that animation is more engaging (aka less boring)… and we’ve got the stats to prove it. ⬇️

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  • The proof is in the pie... chart

    In February this year (2023), we ran some research using Pollfish - we wanted to find out whether an animated explainer video we’d completed for a client was more engaging than a live-action explainer (with similar intentions) we’d recorded last year.


    We’d seen some similar convincing results around engagement such as Jotform, who found that their animated video was far outperforming the live-action one, with a 20% higher click rate, which led to a higher serve rate by YouTube. But we wanted some definitive data using our projects to see whether our inkling was right.


    Full disclaimer, we love both videos we used in the poll (and no we won’t be disclosing those videos or the clients). We’re not doomsaying, live video is a great avenue for your video marketing. But we felt it in our gut that sticking to the least boring medium out there was a good route for fintechs, and the research proved us right:

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  • Some less statistically significant (but still true) reasons why animations are great for the finance/tech sector

    The problems animation helps your fintech solve:

    Competition: Your fintech's competition only gets more fierce as the industry grows. More challenger banks, payment options and beyond. Traditional financial institutions, big tech companies, and new entrants continue to disrupt the financial services industry. What better way to differentiate yourself from the competition and better explain what you do to set yourself apart, than animation?

    Comprehension: Not only do we think that animation is more engaging (and as our test results showed), but the concoction of music, graphics and voiceover helps your audience understand your service, product or brand better.


    Security & Trust: With increasing concerns about cybercrime, fintech companies must prioritize security and invest in robust technologies and processes to protect customer data and transactions. The complexity that your clients or customers need to grasp to increase their understanding or trust is high. And animations are great at breaking these complexities down.


    Sustainability: As consumers become more conscious of their environmental impact, fintech companies must find ways to address sustainability and corporate social responsibility in their business models and operations.


    Brand building: A lot of fintechs we’ve worked with have used animation as part of their rebranding, or have helped define new branding. The mix of creative and direction that animation can offer can provide preliminary assets and help you determine your message and differentiate yourself from your competitors.


    Differentiation: We just mentioned it, but the animation is still an underused medium. Highly unique and mouldable to your brand style, palette and voice it's a perfect demand gen partner for startups and growing agencies.


    Looking for more engagement from your video marketing?

    For us, animations are ALWAYS the right decision. We’ve seen fintechs grow into communication powerhouses, increasing engagement and revenue through using them. So we’re already convinced.
    If you’d like help creating a killer animation for your fintech, or you’d like to talk to us about getting started, or even want some help in where your video fits within a wider content strategy, reach out to us.

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